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One of the best ways to track the latest trends or emerging pop culture phenomena is
by tracking social media hashtags and one company has launched a website devoted to keeping businesses, marketers and social butterflies in the loop. is a newly launched website devoted to the sole purpose of keeping social media users informed of the top trending hashtags on Twitter. The site features the most popular topics as marked by common hashtags.

Entrepreneur Andrew Ford started the site after searching news sites in vain for top
trending hashtags. “A lot of news sites offer what they think are top trending hashtags but I couldn’t find any sites that had accurate trending hashtag information. So we decided to create one,” Ford said.

Hashtags are used at the end of social media updates to group or categorize comments about a common topic. The status update begins with the “#” symbol and a word or phrase that describes the topic. Other social media users making updates about that topic will also use that hashtag after their update.

Using hashtags is a great way for people to connect and participate in conversations about similar topics. It’s also a beneficial way for marketers and businesses to reach out to potential customers who may be talking about a product similar to what they sell or those who may have a problem to which the business has a solution.

The site will soon feature the top trending hashtags of the week, month, and year to better assist users in finding the exact trending topics to meet their needs. To discover the latest top trending hashtags visit or find them on Facebook at or by following the Twitter handle @TrendHashtags.

About is a website devoted to keeping social media users informed
about the latest top trending hashtags with quick and simple access. Businesses,
marketers and casual social media users can discover the most talked about topics on social media forums at a glance on the website. Find out what’s trending or get in on the conversation by visiting

Trending Hashtags - #Shewonttakeyouseriousif


Top trending hashtag of the day. With football season starting, #MNF #Monday Night Football have made it to 7 and 9 in the ranks with #Where do babies come from….at number 3? Since when do 5th graders have time to get on Twitter? 

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Trending Hashtags

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